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Android Version 2.1 Coming Soon

Check GMO Mobile App Google Play

Google Play App – Check GMO

Please stay tuned for our Check GMO Android Version 2.1 coming soon in the Google Play store, which updated features to the submission process to allow us to communicate with our users more effectively. This will get everyone a response much faster.


iPhone 1.3 Version Available

Phone version 1.3 is available in the Apple store, but be ready for version 1.4.  The latest version will include over 1.5 million products in our database labeled as GMO free or GMO.

What’s new in 1.3

Check GMO – easy to use submit form if you don’t have access to barcodes to scan.

Database Expansion – currently over 1 million products in the database.

Scanner Tool Update – We made things a bit easier for users with the size of the scanning button and faster scanner tool.

Check for GMO with our mobile App scanner

iPhone Checking for Genetically Modified OrganismsKnowing whether your food has GMO in it or not is information that Check GMO LLC provides its’ customers. If you are looking for a mobile app that will give you the result of GMO Free, GMO or unverified, that’s what we have created for you. With our easy to use barcode scanner, you can simply pick up your food item and scan the barcode / UPC code to see if your food item contains Genetically Modified Organisms or if it’s GMO free.